I took a deep breath when the clock struck 12 and 2014 began.  I knew that this year would be different.  Besides the fact that I’m turning 25, which is scary in its own right, the spring would bring news of where the rest of my life was going.  School for the fall had been another adventure. Working on the school newspaper as an editor and a part-time job left little time for a social life.  As the days flew by and the weeks seemed to disappear, I knew that the deadline for applying to colleges was fast approaching.

Thinking back to the days in early October…

So far I have gotten a parking violation, spilled coffee on my math book, and have wanted to run away only twice. #WIN

I thought we were supposed to get wiser as we get older? The only thing I’ve gotten is a 60% on my first math assignment.

At this rate, I’ll be writing about transferring for the next two years instead of one.

However, now that I have had my math melt-down, it’s time to research something more interesting than the quadratic formula in order to answer the big question: where am I going to apply to?

This one is easy.

Since I was 16-years-old I have wanted to go to one college, a private school in New England.  Some ask why New England?

In all honesty?

To get away.

College is when you’re supposed to find yourself, live, and explore, none of which I am doing living in the same house where I had my 5th birthday.

Now, while the idea of New England has never changed, my reality has. The truth is that I’m going to have to apply to more than one school.

My research started with a few key questions:

(1) Private or Public? I didn’t have a preference, but I knew that a private school would be more expensive.

(2) To stay within the state or to go out of state? This one was easy–out of state, definitely out of state.

(3) Cold weather or hot weather? I prefer cold weather, but I know what it’s like to live in hot places.

(4) East Coast or West Coast? Time to try something different, so the East Coast.

So I had my main questions answered. Time for Google…

The first school that caught my eye was a public university in the Southwest for Communications. The school had been recommended as one that I should look into, so I placed it on my bookmark bar next to that really good Chinese food place down the street.

I think back to those days and my reality soon changed once again.

The day before my application was due I had a serious talk with myself.

I know it’s strange, but it’s true. I decided that leaving California was not a good idea.

My grandmother is sick, and it would be easier to drive 8 hours instead of catching a place if I needed to come home.

Plus, as an only child to a divorced mother, I realized that leaving her was going to be harder than I thought.

So I promised myself that I would apply to school where I couldn’t live at home, but that was still close enough that I could come home for the weekend.

This meant that my local Cal State University was out of the question. Instead, I applied to several other Cal States.

I don’t know if I have a favorite. In fact, to be honest, I don’t think that I’ll get in to a CSU at all.

Only time will tell. I’m scared. How will I face my family? What will I do with my life? I talk to people that have gone through the transfer admission process and they weren’t as nervous. Why am I like this?

By 24 and Overboard (more like 24 and Sinking Fast)