Governance and Nominations

The Governance and Nominations Committee monitors established procedures for nomination and election of officers of WACAC, solicits names of candidates, and conducts WACAC elections. This committee also monitors the WACAC bylaws. Detailed responsibilities include:

  1. Recruiting and reviewing candidates for elected WACAC positions.
    • The Governance and Nominations Committee seeks nominations for WACAC’s elected positions that each serve three-year terms, they include: President-Elect, Treasurer-Elect, and Secretary-Elect.
  2. Soliciting nominations and selecting winners of WACAC awards.
    • To learn more about the various awards, visit the awards page.
  3. Regularly monitoring the WACAC bylaws, determining any necessary changes, and following the prescribed electronic method in which to approve any amendments and/or revisions. 
    • Organizing the annual WACAC elections.
      • Candidates for elected positions are determined by the Governance and Nominations Committee from the pool of nominations received.
      • Presentation and election of candidates shall occur by electronic ballot no later than 30 days prior to the opening date of the annual spring conference.
      • The exact dates of the voting period vary from year to year.

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