Legislative Conferences

Every year, WACAC members come together to be trained and to execute advocacy efforts in Sacramento and/or Nevada in a meaningful and rewarding way. Sponsored by the Government Relations Committee, the conference focuses on understanding and taking action on current legislative issues in Sacramento and Washington DC that impact the work of association members. After legislative briefings and sessions on training to be a lobbyist, WACAC members share their higher education priorities, expertise, and personal stories in small group lobbying teams with elected officials in the State Capitol.

2023 California Legislative Conference

March 13 – 14, 2023
The Citizen Hotel
Sacramento, CA
*Note – this is a Members Only Event

Register Now

Conference participants need to personally book their hotel reservations at The Citizen Hotel by February 24th.  WACAC will reimburse attendees for half the cost of their single-occupancy one-night stay or the full cost of their double-occupancy one-night stay (with another attendee) at The Citizen Hotel for the conference. Attendees are responsible for their transportation costs to and from the conference and for parking fees. You must be a WACAC member to participate. Any questions can be directed to wacacgrac@wacac.org.

If you have any questions, please contact the WACAC Government Relations Chair at wacacgrac@wacac.org.