Meet Our Class of 2023 Student Bloggers!

Melanie Rojas (left) and Emily Larios (right), Class of 2023 student bloggers from San Mateo High School.

My name is Emily Larios and I’m from San Mateo, California. I am currently a junior at San Mateo High School and will be graduating next school year of 2023.

Some of my favorite classes this year are AP Spanish Language, Foods and Nutrition, English and AVID. We’re always doing something fun in all these classes and the teachers are all really nice and supportive. Some activities I like to do are working out, listening to music, playing soccer and going on walks and runs. Last school year was a little stressful and overwhelming. I felt like I was receiving a lot of homework for most of my classes and I couldn’t really focus because of the environment around me. I also learn better in person with a physical teacher because I can see them solving problems step by step on the board and not being able to experience this made me struggle a little.

Hello, my name is Melanie Rojas. I live in California and I am a current junior at San Mateo High School. My most enjoyable subjects are Dance, English, Renaissance and AVID. I enjoy these subjects for various reasons. For example, my dance class because it helps me improve my dancing ability and specifically right now that we are learning choreo to prepare for the return of the Mateo Motion show. Then English, where I am in a classroom improving my reading and writing skills and understanding/analyzing books, etc. Ultimately they all help me improve better either physically, mentally, and/or academically. During our virtual year at home I was doing academically ok. Although, I was struggling with motivation and other problems that caused me to feel stressed and overwhelmed. But, although I was feeling these feelings there was also another side that pushed me to try new things and learn about different subjects, which opened up new interests. Outside of school related work, some activities I enjoy doing are dancing, swimming, and taking walks with my dog to help me relax.