Steve Hankins Award

The Steve Hankins award was established in recognition of a consummate professional who dedicated himself to encourage new counselors to consider admissions as not a way station in life, but as a life’s calling.

Steve was instrumental in the development of WACAC from a fledging organization into a growth and service organization in the 1990’s, including founding both the WACAC and NACAC college fairs in California. He was probably best remembered as a person who was always the one who would ask “newbie’s” if they had dinner plans before a college night and if they didn’t, he’d invite them along. The Steve Hankins award is presented to a secondary school or independent counselor who has five or fewer years of experience in the profession and has shown an active interest in WACAC by serving on WACAC committees, volunteering to help with WACAC conferences, events, fairs, etc., and a dedication to serving the needs of students.

  • 2016 Margaret Isied
  • 2015 Andrew Losier
  • 2014 Linda Clark
  • 2013 Guadalupe Navarrette
  • 2012 JT Thomas
  • 2011 Ah Young Chi
  • 2010 Sharon Neumann
  • 2009 Teri Kuwahara
  • 2008 Terri Lewallen
  • 2007 Edgar Montes
  • 2006 Marlena Norman
  • 2005 Dewey Wilmot
  • 2004 Chris Herrington
  • 2003 Rachel Livingston
  • 2002 Jennifer Rudolph
  • 2001 Carol Estes
  • 2000 Anne Rossier
  • 1999 Kris Ragland
  • 1998 Julie Taylor
  • 1997 Holly Watkins Dines
  • 1996 Mary Fitzpatrick
  • 1995 Vivian Tuck
  • 1994 Heather Shepherd
  • 1993 Jennifer Farley
  • 1992 Nora Fisher
  • 1992 Esther Hugo