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Noor Haddad, College Counselor


I’ve been struggling with the question – what’s your dream? Ever since I read Nikki’s blog post and was inspired and humbled by it, I have been thinking about the question on a daily basis …

Helicopter Educators


By Amy Pimentel, Financial Aid Outreach Specialist

College of the Sequoias


There’s been much discussion around the role of helicopter parents and overparenting, but I see high school and postsecondary institutions doing a lot of handholding and doing whatever …

The Financial Aid Talk


By Amy Pimentel

Financial Aid Outreach Specialist from the College of the Sequoias

Community College, state college, and private college students have two things in common: one, they are chasing dreams; two, they worry about money.

Granted, there’s the group …

DEA’s Lobbying 101


By Lisa Sohmer, Consultant

Sohmer College Counseling


Election days in 2016 and 2017 have, with great clarity, shown us the value and importance of interacting with our elected officials.  Living in the United States offers us the freedom to …

Noor Haddad, College Counselor

Mental health for high school students has been something I’ve made a significant effort to learn more about. Many of the students I work with have struggled with it, and are still struggling. When I …

Dreaming the Aloha


By Nikki Kahealani Chun, Senior Associate Director, Caltech

Diversity, Equity and Access Committee

Ke welina, e aloha mai kakou. To understand the roots of this blog entry is to know a little bit about me and my positionality. I am …

By Heaja Kim, Independent College Admissions Consultant, KKM College Consulting

A couple of years ago, I read about an interesting study that attributed the difference in how peoples of the East and the West think to the labor requirements …

Group Tours: Providing Access


I know campus tours can be a great tool for access. Every year more students than I can count write about the moment they arrived at a college campus and suddenly realized that they had found the place for them. …

By Pamela Baker, Independent Admissions Consultant, Right College Choice

On the first day of my son’s freshman year I reported to a classroom full of parents by following instructions on the card I received in the mail.  I was glad …