The WACAC Inter-Association Committee functions as the External Relations committee for WACAC, forming relationships with like-minded organizations in order to advance one of the major goals of WACAC, which is to advance WACAC’s presence and visibility as a leader and source of knowledge for all who support students in the transition to college. We realize that we are stronger when we form relationships with other organizations and speak to the legislature and the public — with one voice — for our professionals. We have established regular communications with the following organizations:

  • California Association for School Counselors
  • California Student Aid Commission
  • ACT
  • The College Board
  • Pupil Services Coalition
  • California Department of Education

A sampling of committee projects includes:

  • Presenting at CASC and College Board conferences
  • Representing WACAC at monthly meetings of the Pupil Services Coalition (Meetings are held in Sacramento.)
  • Announcing WACAC Professional Development opportunities at other professional conferences
  • Writing Op-Ed and Letters to the Editor in support of counseling, higher education, and financial aid funding to local media
  • Assisting with the WACAC District Directions Program (regional)
  • Speaking on behalf of counselors and higher education to legislative committees.


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