Fiscal Policy

As a not-for-profit organization, WACAC is charged with and dedicated to directing its resources to those programs, projects and activities that express and serve its mission. WACAC’s Fiscal Policy specifies the policies and procedures by which the organization ensures that fiscal decisions and outlays are consistent with this mission. WACAC also dedicates a portion of its resources to reserves as a matter of prudence and careful stewardship. The Fiscal Policy Committee (FPC) also reviews the Fiscal Policy annually and recommends revisions to the board for final approval. Fiscal Policy decisions are handled as Action Items during Executive Committee meetings.

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2021-2022 WACAC Fiscal Policy

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2016-2017 WACAC Fiscal Policy

2017-2018 WACAC Approved Budget

2016-2017 Annual Financial Report – 3yr Comparison

2016-2017 Balance Sheet

2016-2017 Budget Profitability Analysis & 2017-18 Budget

2016-2017 Profit and Loss

JPM Investment (8-31-17)

3-Year Budget Overview

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