Government Relations

The WACAC Government Relations & Advocacy Committee (GRAC) helps the WACAC membership demystify the legislative landscape in Nevada & California to advocate for policies that promote equity and access in education.

Who is GRAC & Organizational Chart

As you consider how you might support GRAC this year as a volunteer, we invite you to learn more about how we are organized. Currently, GRAC has three standing subcommittees:

  • Conference plans our annual legislative conferences. Volunteers coordinate hotel logistics, organize and schedule legislative meetings, secure guest speakers, manage conference registrations, and more.
  • Communications manages the GRAC communications strategy. Volunteers coordinate email campaigns, take the lead on our social media, manage membership data, support the other subcommittees with communications needs, and more.
  • Professional Development & Advocacy plans opportunities for the wider WACAC membership to engage in GRAC. Volunteers organize educational webinars, local visits to legislators, phone banking and letter writing campaigns to educate and advocate for legislative policy, and more.

Take Action

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