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Government Relations

Government Relations Advocacy Committee (GRAC) members chart the course of WACAC’s work in state and federal legislative advocacy. Members develop policy priorities and goals, help determine the positions we take on bills and other legislative proposals, meet with elected officials, and keep the membership apprised of important legislative issues related to higher education, counseling and student access to college. A sampling of committee projects includes:

  • Visiting state and federal elected officials’ offices
  • Planning the State Legislative Conference in Sacramento in February
  • Educating members on legislative issues that directly impact our work
  • Organizing workshops/trainings/webinars at WACAC conferences
  • Collaborating and advising our lobbyist on proposed legislation
  • Attending the National Legislative Conference in Washington, DC
  • Serving on NACAC’s Government Relations Committee

Voter Registration Initiative 2018

WACAC Voter Initiative – Everyone has a role to play.

We want our students to realize they have a voice in their future, and their voice is their vote.
This month, WACAC is launching a voter registration drive with an appeal to you, our members.

Here are some strategies, links and approaches that support a culture of voting in schools and colleges.

Action Items:

  • Include a link to voting on your school’s website or admission page
  • Host a voter table at college information nights and events
  • Encourage student government groups, in high school and college, to register students to vote
  • Inform students they can earn up to $150 as poll workers on election day, November 6th
  • Host a voter session on PSAT day, if you need an activity for seniors
  • Work with teachers/faculty to include the importance of voting in government and economics classes



  • Eligible students who register to vote by October 22 can vote in the upcoming November 6th elections
  • Students can pre-register to vote as early as 16 years of age. They can do early registration, which takes effect when they turn 18
  • The California Education Code designates time in the fall and the spring to be “High School Voter Education Weeks”

Background & Contacts

The WACAC Voter Drive was announced at the Annual Conference in Monterey, discussed at the WACAC Executive Board retreat, and received a unanimous vote of supportat the NACAC Conference in Salt Lake City.

For more information, please contact:

  • Esther Hugo, WACAC Past-President and Inter-Association Committee
  • Kris Zavoli, WACAC and NACAC Government Relations Committee

Additional Resources:

Government Action Item

Do you want to have your voice heard? Do you wish you could speak with your local California representative about things happening in education? Now you can! Look at this PDF to find your local town hall meeting and show up to make your voice heard!

Federal Funding for States

Contact Your Local Legislators

Have you ever wanted to know who your local legislator is, or where your local IRS office is located? Have no fear! Here is a great resource that will help you find what you are looking for:

Maureen Chang
GRAC Chair
Alma Mater College Admission Consultants

Kristine Shay
State Chair for Nevada Issues
University of Nevada, Las Vegas