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Chapman University

Work and Study: Tired Tour Guides


By: Garrett Addison, Admission Counselor, Chapman University

You know you’ve been there. Studying for your Calculus mid-term, putting together the song & dance routine for Greek Week, and mentally reminding yourself you need to eat lunch. Oh and don’t forget …

By: Carlee Shults, Admission Counselor, University of Redlands

I currently have the exciting privilege of supervising our office’s four Senior Interviewers—stellar representatives of our community that were seasoned tour guides looking for more of a professional office role. They interact …

By Megan McDevitt

Work and Study is a blog series curated by Janine Bissic, Director of Admission of Whittier College. The series will feature posts by various higher education professionals about working with student staff. Our first installment is about