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How to Budget Like an Adult


I can’t think of an intro so let’s just hop into it- welcome to “How to Be an Adult” with your resident supplier of tangentially related admission knowledge: Grant Cushman. Now I know as counseling professionals we are inundated with …

I’m waiting for the day that I can’t find a cat picture that correlates perfectly with my blog topic. I fear that day will never come.

Anyway, cheerio and welcome to another edition of ‘How to Be an Adult’, starring …

How to Dress Like an Adult


Tag Team–back again. Check–it’s Tuesday, let’s begin. Party on WACAC, let me hear some noise. G-Cush on the blog, jump, jump, rejoice. WHOMP (there it is)!

With that…Welcome everyone to another installment of How to be an Adult with your …

Sleeping with Cat

How to Wake Up Like an Adult


Welcome to the inaugural post of the soon-to-be underwhelming and probably-not-famous blog, ‘How to Be an Adult.’ It’s my first blog post, so I figured I would tackle the first thing we all have to do in the morning: waking …