Membership Delegates

Mission: To represent the interests of Western ACAC members throughout California and Nevada.

Membership Delegates to consist of:
  • 4 delegates representing California and 2 representing Nevada, elected by WACAC Members. 
  • 2 at-large delegates appointed by the Executive Board to ensure all membership categories are represented. 

Length of service: 2 years. 

Responsibilities: Membership Delegates are part of the WACAC Executive Board and  participate in/support WACAC committees, conduct outreach to the college admission counseling community throughout California and Nevada, and gather feedback on constituents’ needs to help WACAC provide better support for our community. As part of these responsibilities, membership delegates will host and facilitate virtual town hall meetings for their constituents each year.

Requirements to serve:

  • Must be eligible to be an active Voting Member of WACAC during their two-year term.
  • Must attend 2-Day Summer Board Retreat and 4 additional board meetings (September, December, February, WACAC Conference) annually.
  • Must obtain written supervisor approval of involvement.