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Grad School

“Our passion is to help students accelerate their personal and professional growth through a rigorous, values-based education and practical experiences that develop responsible leaders who change the world.”- Dean David Pyke

The University of San Diego is committed to academic …


Berklee College of Music is a contemporary music school of about 4,400 students in the heart of Boston, MA. Known for our many Grammy winning alumni like John Mayer, Quincy Jones and Esperanza Spalding, and our strong jazz roots, Berklee …

Nick Soper

Indie Scene: Trial by Fire


So many college essays in my brain right now. Ugh, words. More writing. No.

What a surreal process, for everyone involved. For many families, this seems like the point in the process where they’re expecting to see the product that …

DEA Inclusion


As we sit in the midst of another busy college application cycle I want to take a moment to remind us all about the meaning of diversity. If my job as an admission counselor has taught me anything, it’s that …


The Scientific Method: The Question


It all starts with a question.

It’s true for the scientific method.  And it’s true for getting into college.

Since my last blog post drawing parallels between the college admissions process and the scientific method, I’ve been thinking a lot …

With the great momentum generated from the conference in Indianapolis and with the added focus on transfer students,  we expect to shatter last year’s record-setting number of attendees at next year’s NACAC Conference.   Plus, hello, it’s SAN DIEGO!  The …

Keep it Simple!


I recently found a copy of my University of California application. On it I had checked off which campuses I was applying to in order of preference. The singular essay was hand written complete with curlicues and eraser marks. It …

Welcome Nevada

Hello Nevada!


This month we have a contribution from fellow Nevadan, Erica Mosca, whose non-profit is making a difference in east Las Vegas.  It is programs like those highlighted below that will change the profile of Nevada!

According to Complete College America, …