Berklee College of Music is a contemporary music school of about 4,400 students in the heart of Boston, MA. Known for our many Grammy winning alumni like John Mayer, Quincy Jones and Esperanza Spalding, and our strong jazz roots, Berklee aims to educate the next generation of musicians. A Berklee education combines an intense music core program, as well as a practical education for students to excel in the music industry.  Berklee provides a broad range of classes and majors, which encompass the diverse and ever changing scope of the music industry, each taught by successful faculty.

Many students are drawn to Berklee because of the contemporary music aspect. At Berklee, we encourage academic freedom and innovation through music. The curriculum spans many styles of music, as well as relevant technologies and career opportunities available to students. Our strong alumni network is yet another reason students and parents alike are drawn to Berklee. Many students go on to jobs in the music industry due to the strong Berklee education, and the connections they made through faculty, internships, or fellow students at the college.

Berklee boasts twelve majors, with Performance and Professional Music being two of our largest. Our other majors run the gamut from Songwriting, and Composition, to Music Education and Music Technology. At Berklee we place a strong emphasis on creating a global music environment, and about 30% of our students are from regions outside of the United States.

At Berklee, we audition, interview, and look at grades for each student regardless of his or her choice in major. The audition- consisting of a prepared piece, improvisation, ear training, and sight-reading, is a time for a potential student to showcase his or her musical skills. We encourage students to prepare a piece for their audition that really shows who they are as a musician. The audition is followed up by an interview where we ask about their goals for Berklee and beyond, and about their background in music. Later on, the Board of Admissions will then look at the auditions, interviews, and transcripts to see which students are good fits for Berklee, and alternatively, if Berklee is a good fit for them.

For those interested in pursuing a degree in the tumultuous music industry, Berklee is a great place to learn the practical, professional skills for a successful, sustainable music career.

You can learn more about Berklee here.

By Leigh Mclaren
Assistant Director of Admissions
Berklee College of Music