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Helicopter Educators


By Amy Pimentel, Financial Aid Outreach Specialist

College of the Sequoias


There’s been much discussion around the role of helicopter parents and overparenting, but I see high school and postsecondary institutions doing a lot of handholding and doing whatever …

The Financial Aid Talk


By Amy Pimentel

Financial Aid Outreach Specialist from the College of the Sequoias

Community College, state college, and private college students have two things in common: one, they are chasing dreams; two, they worry about money.

Granted, there’s the group …

By Rosario Torres

By now you should have heard major FAFSA changes are coming your way Fall 2016 for the 2017-2018 academic year.  While these changes have raised legitimate questions as to how college administrators will treat the new FAFSA, …

WACAC is seeking members interested in applying to volunteer for one of four working groups, each will focus on a specific metric outlined by the leadership team. Read on to learn about these opportunities to for professional development and leadership!   

Curated by Amy Hammer

As admission colleagues settle behind computer screens and review files for committee, we are provided a glimpse into lives of students across the world. We are given the opportunity to understand the challenges, triumphs, and tribulations …

As juniors finish up their penultimate high school year, they will know even more about what colleges should go on their final college lists. Sidwell Friends, an elite private school in Washington, DC, does it right: it limits students to …

Free Resources- Financial Aid


It is that time of year again and I don’t know about you, but Financial Aid makes me nervous. I have taken courses, attended workshops, read books and viewed tutorials, but in no way do I consider myself an expert …

Free Financial Aid Resources


Dollar SignI don’t know about you, but financial aid is one subject that always makes me nervous. I have attended workshops, read books and viewed tutorials, but in no way do I consider myself an expert when it comes to people’s …