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Noor Haddad, College Counselor


I’ve been struggling with the question – what’s your dream? Ever since I read Nikki’s blog post and was inspired and humbled by it, I have been thinking about the question on a daily basis …

By Heaja Kim, Independent College Admissions Consultant, KKM College Consulting

A couple of years ago, I read about an interesting study that attributed the difference in how peoples of the East and the West think to the labor requirements …

Presidential Pontifications


By Ed Devine

White House Reach Higher Initiative – California Style
Unprecedented Partnership Will Drive the Mission

First Lady, Michelle Obama, created the Reach Higher Initiative to encourage every student in America to take charge of their post-secondary education plans.  …

By Curtis Morisaki

The Journey

McCloud, California may not be a highly populated place but it’s the hometown of a higher education and social justice trailblazer. Valerie Bordeaux, Director of University Outreach and School Relations at California State University, Long …

Guest blog by Laura Holguin, M.A., P.P.S., counselor at Leadership Public Schools: Hayward

“What is it that you are looking for in a college?” a question I often ask students on a daily basis. Their responses vary: a specific major …

The fourth in a series of posts dedicated to a deeper-than-usual dive into the college admissions process.

By Jenny Umhofer

Race and education have always been a combustible mix in the United States.  And that explosive potential has always been …

By Yamilet Medina López


In my continued interest of all things college admissions related, this past December provided another deep reflection period for me as I listened to oral arguments during a Fisher vs. University of Texas at Austin …

Q & A with Adolfo Mercado with Neelam Savla interviewing on behalf of WACAC

Over the next few months, we hope you have the opportunity to meet the dedicated professionals who make up WACAC through out WACAC Member Spotlight Series.

DEA Inclusion


By Jamilla Jamison

A few weeks ago, my colleague Yamilet Medina López posted a blog about the much-discussed Fisher v. University of Texas – Austin Supreme Court case. In an effort to keep the WACAC and higher education community informed …

DEA Inclusion: Spanish Programming


By Maureen Ruiz-Sundstrom

Harvey Mudd College


Being now in my third year on the job, I feel that I am in a position where, more than just improve on the programs I currently oversee, I can begin to think …