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DEA Inclusion: Spanish Programming


By Maureen Ruiz-Sundstrom

Harvey Mudd College


Being now in my third year on the job, I feel that I am in a position where, more than just improve on the programs I currently oversee, I can begin to think …

The second in a series of posts dedicated to a deeper-than-usual dive into the college admissions process.

By Jenny Umhofer

College admissions wasn’t always this way.

There was a time—not too long ago—at colleges and universities across the nation, when …

You Go Girl (or Boy)! – Post 3


By Amanda Wallin

Yay for November and being home from travel (hopefully for most of you?)!

Coffee Catch Up
Okay, you’re finally back in the office from spending two months on the road. However, now you probably have loads of …

By Jamilla Jamison

Over the past few weeks student-led protests have ignited college campuses across the nation. Social media sites have exploded with students showing their solidarity through hashtags such as #BlackOnCampus and #ConcernedStudent1950 – the latter referencing the year …

By Curtis Morisaki

The Journey
Imagine trying to get out of the college admissions bubble and finding yourself sticking with and going back to the profession. Seth Allen, Vice President & Dean of Admissions at Financial Aid at Pomona College, …

Q & A with Ariana Pistorino with Neelam Savla interviewing on behalf of WACAC

Over the next several months, we wanted to help you meet WACAC. How, you ask? We’re bringing you WACAC member spotlights to help us all learn …

Stretching Your Per Diem: Post 4


By Chris Helvajian

With both feet now planted firmly in Reading Season and 200+ files sitting in my queue ready to be read, now is the perfect time to divert my attention away from my real job and look back …

By Angie Goss

Happy November Nevada!

Last month I had the amazing opportunity to attend the NACAC conference in San Diego, CA. It was truly epic! There were over 7,000 attendees from across the country and around the globe. I …

By Rebecca Joseph

Many high school seniors are busy writing college application essays. Through these essays, seniors can share unique stories that help admissions officers picture them on their campuses. Yet many applicants miss the mark. They think admissions officers …

Action Alert

By Kris Zavoli

Although some US Senators are still pushing for stand-alone renewal, as of now, the Perkins Loan program is winding down with the possibility of being included in a comprehensive Higher Education Act reauthorization.  Here is a small …