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Grad School

Thinking Ahead…Way Ahead


As we enter our careers as higher education professionals, many of us consider earning a graduate degree, if we haven’t already obtained one.  But it would seem like today’s high school student is on the same page!  More and more …


Art School Confidential: UCLA


Los Angeles is an international hub for the visual and performing arts, and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) provides premier arts education and programming to the Los Angeles community and beyond. At the university’s founding in 1919, three …


It’s All About Networking


Are your students networking for internships and jobs?  They are probably on Facebook and Twitter, maybe have a Linkedin profile (good idea by the 1st year of college), and probably applying for jobs and internships online.  That’s networking, right?  …

Knocked Down 7 Times, Get Up 8


While in high school and college, I ran Cross Country. I may be terribly biased, but I don’t know if you can find athletes that are bigger head-cases than distance runners. While Cross Country is a team sport, the training …

Arthur Arzola Memorial Scholarship


This week I wanted to take a minute to highlight a new scholarship opportunity which will be available to WACAC members through the Diversity Equity and Access committee.

Please take a minute to familiarize yourself with the Arthur Arzola Me

Businesswoman Assisting Customers

The Power of People


New online tools, designed to help students and families navigate the college planning and application process, are constantly springing up. Many of these are quite well done and can be valuable resources- helping students research schools, learn about admission requirements, …


The Scientific Method


If it was good enough for Einstein, it’s good enough for today’s budding scientists.

I’m talking about the scientific method. And getting into college. And how the former can help bring about the latter.

I’ve found that when working with …

It All Depends


As the fall frenzy surges, seniors suddenly need help—lots of it. Instructions on balancing out the list, advice on essay writing, tips on what to put here and there, hand-holding wherever it’s available—you name it, they’ll take it. It’s a …


My students’ stories are sometimes hard to hear. There is the pain in the voice of the student recounting that he is one of the hidden homeless and in the voice of the student recounting the impulsive bad decision that …

Action Alert

As has been reported in the media, some colleges use the list of colleges that students supply on their FAFSA forms in an attempt to ascertain the students’ likelihood of attending the institution if accepted. Specifically, colleges make note of …