Language Access Ad Hoc

The Language Access Ad Hoc Committee will serve the diverse membership of Western, by intentionally creating college counseling related programming, resources, and documentation for those who speak a language other than English. In addition, the committee will create a pipeline of human resources through mentorship and networking opportunities. Allowing for WACAC to become a resource for those communities who need access to postsecondary counseling but are limited by English language.

WACAC Spanish Language Webinar: Cafecito con Colegios

Saturday, May 21st, at 10:00am

We look forward to meeting your Spanish-speaking families at WACAC’s Cafecito con Colegios webinar series! Our May Cafecito program is on Saturday, May 21st at 10 AM. This webinar will address some of the challenges associated with the transition to college, and how students and families can overcome them together. Our panelists will be a combination of high school counselors, admission officers, and student affairs staff.

Webinar registration link
Promotional Flyer in Spanish

For additional questions about this program, contact the Language Access Ad Hoc Committee.

Promotional text in Spanish with the registration link included is provided below for your convenience.

Cafecito con Colegios

Sábado, 21 de mayo, 10:00am

Esta sesión virtual, completamente en español, discutirá el tema: ¡A Echarle Ganas! – Preparándose para la transición a la universidad. Reúnase con nosotros para preparase para la transición universitaria. Hablaremos sobre de los retos que pueden venir y cómo las familias pueden ayudar a sus estudiantes a superarlos. Regístrese a través de este enlace, y no olvide su cafecito.