Presentations & Handouts

2014 Annual Conference Presentations & Handouts

2014 WACAC Conference

Below are all of the available presentations and handouts from this year’s #WACAC 2014 Annual Conference. If you are looking for presentations or handouts not listed below, please contact the presenters directly.

The full conference brochure is available here.

Session A

High School Visits Gone Rogue and Prevention
The Common Application Redesigned – Year 2 Preview
Connecting all the Pieces: How Experience in One Position Can Pave the Way to the Next
Declaration of Independents
Declaration of Independents Top 10 Ways for IEC’s to Team-Up
The College Admissions Cookbook
Meeting Students Families Where They Are: Using Social Media in the College Counseling Process
Education Pays but Benefits Vary

Session B

Widening Your Scope: Leveraging Data to Enhance Student Diversity
Beyond Angry Birds: College Counseling with iPads
If this is Tuesday, This Must be Lehigh, Lafayette and Penn …
Guiding Students as They Create a College List
International Student Recruitment
The SAT: Delivering Opportunity for Readiness, Access and Success

Session C

Talking WUE: We Understand & Explain
Will Families Continue to Pay the Price of College: Parents Speak Out
The Good, the Bad, and the Boring: Letters of Recommendation

Session D

Behavioral Truths of Confident College Applicants
Whose Job is it Anyway: Exploring Role Discrepancy Using HPT Models
Moving on Up! Becoming Middle Management at Your Alma Mater
17 Years. 650 Words. New Common Application Essay
Like. Connect. Share: Training the Entire Community to Represent Your Campus
Digital, Social, Mobile: The 2014 Social Admissions Report
NCAA Eligibility Center: Overview and Updates

Session E

Creating Counselor Days with Intention
IB 101 for Admissions Counselors
So How Does a Community College Work? (1)
So How Does a Community College Work? (2)
From Launching to Growing Your Independent Counseling Business: Models of Success
Comprehensive Review 101: How the UC Campuses Read Applications
Counseling Large Case Loads
The SAT/ACT: Helping, Not Hindering, URM Students

Session F

Student Success, Mobility and Outcomes
Enrollment Management 101
International Students Admission: Everyone’s Role and Challenge
CSU Update
University of California Update

Session G

Co-operative Education in Canada and the US
I’m Ready for College but I Can’t Find My Backpack
Tools of the Trade
How Legislation May Impact Our Work: WACAC Government Relations Update
Community College Honors Programs
Comprehensive Review 201: How the UCs Read Applications
Comprehensive Review 201: UC Case Study
Putting First Generation First

Session H

Rethinking the High School Visit
Facilitating CCC Transfer to a California Private
So You Want to be the Boss
Event Planning 101