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The Senior Transfer Admissions Counselor plays a crucial role in our admissions process, actively engaging prospective transfer students to facilitate their transition into our institution. This dynamic position requires an experienced individual with a profound understanding of the transfer admissions landscape, excellent communication skills, and a genuine passion for helping students achieve their educational goals.

In this role, the individual will proactively reach out to and engage with prospective transfer students through various channels, such as information sessions, college fairs, and online platforms. Providing personalized guidance, the counselor addresses academic and career goals, assists with course selection, and guides through the credit transfer processes. Collaboration is key, as the counselor works with campus partners, academic departments, and support services to ensure a seamless transition for admitted transfer students, granting them access to necessary resources and information. Effective strategies for recruiting transfer students, both locally and nationally, are developed, fostering relationships with community colleges and institutions to strengthen transfer pathways. The organization and execution of transfer-specific events, including orientation programs and workshops, contribute to building a supportive community for transfer students.

Additionally, close collaboration with the broader admissions team is emphasized to ensure a cohesive and comprehensive approach to the admissions process. Working with the SEM Strategic Communications Team on marketing materials and outreach efforts, the counselor contributes to the overall success of the admissions strategy. Staying informed about changes in transfer admissions policies, articulation agreements, and educational trends is a priority, with regular updates provided to the admissions team. The maintenance of accurate and up-to-date records of transfer applicants, admissions decisions, and related data, coupled with the use of data analytics, helps identify trends and opportunities for improvement in the admissions process.

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