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Admissions Counselor (or in Crimson-speak, Strategy Consultants) are exemplars of Crimson Education’s philosophy dedicated to making a difference in students’ lives, helping bridge gaps between present and future goals by personalising blueprints that will become the basis of all academic, extracurricular and personal development.

You will partner closely with the student and lead the Crimson team (tutors, mentors, consultants) to drive progress through long-term roadmaps and mentoring to build their candidacy through the application processes. You can read even more about the role here.

This is a full-time position that can be remote or in one of our many offices around the globe, with a caseload of 40 to 52 students (dependent on the region). Some regions include the United States & Canada, Latin America, Europe and the UK, Japan and Singapore. If you have experience with a certain demographic, be sure to include it in your application!

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