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By Curtis Morisaki

The Journey
Higher education inspires people to do great things and sometimes the field allows professionals to work at the same institution for 24 years. Steve Maples, Director of Admissions, at the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) …

You Go Girl (or Boy)! – Post 3


By Amanda Wallin

Yay for November and being home from travel (hopefully for most of you?)!

Coffee Catch Up
Okay, you’re finally back in the office from spending two months on the road. However, now you probably have loads of …

Stretching Your Per Diem: Post 4


By Chris Helvajian

With both feet now planted firmly in Reading Season and 200+ files sitting in my queue ready to be read, now is the perfect time to divert my attention away from my real job and look back …

The Way I See It: Travel Season


Curated by Amy Hammer

For some of us, travel season is coming to a finish while for others, there are still several more weeks to go. Whichever side of the desk you may sit on, the fall brings a high …

You Go Girl (or Boy)! – Post 2


By Amanda Wallin

Cheers to the second entry of You Go Girl (or Boy)!

Here are this month’s tips for encouragement and connection!

We need you!
We all have our strengths and specialties. If we are lucky, we also know …

Stretching Your Per Diem – Post 3


By Chris Helvajian

Greetings from the road! I write this from the DoubleTree (two check-in cookies, of course) in San Diego.

I’ve been away from home 23 of the last 29 days and I’m just about done with travel. Sounds …

You Go Girl (or Boy)!



Well, hello my fellow road warriors!

It’s that time of year, we’re all driving rental cars, eating like teenagers, and piling in to any Starbucks we can find for a quick mental and/or technological charge!

I really do love …

Stretching Your Per Diem – Post 2


When you’re on the road earning per diem, what is it going toward? Go ahead. Think about it.

Did you say, “Food, Chris. Duh. Haha. What a silly question!”

Well, you’re wrong! Your first thought should never be food. Your …

Stretching Your Per Diem


So you’re a counselor on the road, huh? You’re making big bucks, but you don’t do it for the money.

You rep to see the joy (dread) in students’ faces as they contemplate the college admissions process.

You rep to …


Our First Podcast!

We are super pumped to debut our first WACACast with Sam and Grant!  In our first podcast, we talk about recruitment tips and our individual approaches to planning and executing fall travel.  We encourage feedback in the …