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Curated by Amy Hammer

As much as the admission cycle is seasonal, each year presents itself with new challenges along with rewarding experiences. It is difficult to predict what will happen next as people change jobs, responsibilities are added to …

By Angie Goss

Happy November Nevada!

Last month I had the amazing opportunity to attend the NACAC conference in San Diego, CA. It was truly epic! There were over 7,000 attendees from across the country and around the globe. I …

WACAC Fundraising Update


By Kevin Dyerly, WACAC Development Chair

What a great conference our affiliate hosted recently in San Diego for 7,400 of our closest friends and colleagues!  For those of you who attended our WACAC affiliate business meeting that Thursday, you heard …

An IEC Primer to NACAC


By Nick Soper

Over the past few years, I’ve had a few first conferences—the annual WACAC meeting, the annual HECA conference, and smaller ones like Share, Learn, Connect, and the UC/CSU event. I went into them a bit blindly, assuming

By Jamilla Jamison

NACAC is always a great experience for gaining new knowledge, ideas and an opportunity for networking. NACAC San Diego was the largest ever hosted and WACAC was fortunate enough to have 900 attendees for its membership meeting! …

Presidential Pontifications


By Ed Devine

Wow…the ease of summer is a distant memory. We have already completed three weeks of the fall recruitment season, and on the eve of the San Diego NACAC Conference, it seems like the treadmill never shut off. …

Here We Go Again – President’s Blog


As we launch into a new school year, I hope your batteries are charged and ready to engage a new class.  As college seekers begin the whirlwind that is their senior year, it is always wise to remember that this …

The Inside Scoop on WACAC’s LDI


Have you heard about WACAC’s Leadership Development Institute? Started in 2012 by WACAC Past-President Greg McCandless, LDI is a professional development opportunity for post-secondary emerging leaders. Admission professionals with at least four years of experience are matched with mentors at …