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WACAC Community Comes Together


By Stacy Kadesh

Stacy Kadesh and Associates College Consulting

In November WACAC members came to the aid of Northern California students whose college application preparations were severely impacted by the wildfires. Numerous events were hosted by local high schools and

WACAC is seeking members interested in applying to volunteer for one of four working groups, each will focus on a specific metric outlined by the leadership team. Read on to learn about these opportunities to for professional development and leadership!   

Spring Break will be here before we know it. During that period, many of your students, including CBSAs (college-bound student-athletes), will be planning visits to schools they wish to attend.

With your non-athlete students you can look at their GPA …

Indie Scene: Blue Ocean


Blue Ocean

I’m still glowing from the webinar I attended this morning. The presenter was Ed Devine, the current WACAC president, speaking about demonstrating interest—and more importantly, how teenagers who develop the faculties to demonstrate their interest are actually learning …

By Rebecca Joseph

Many high school seniors are busy writing college application essays. Through these essays, seniors can share unique stories that help admissions officers picture them on their campuses. Yet many applicants miss the mark. They think admissions officers …

An IEC Primer to NACAC


By Nick Soper

Over the past few years, I’ve had a few first conferences—the annual WACAC meeting, the annual HECA conference, and smaller ones like Share, Learn, Connect, and the UC/CSU event. I went into them a bit blindly, assuming

Recently, I have traveled to schools, college fairs, libraries, and many homes to help kids with their college applications, including their college application essays and/or personal statements. While I brainstorm essay topics with them and provide some guiding questions for …

Nick Soper

Netiquette Lessons


For the past few years, I’ve run an annual morning workshop on email etiquette for a medical device sales company. Every time I’ve run the workshop, I’m astonished by the need that I feel in the room for it: the

Nick Soper
I’m super charged up about work right now, really figuring out how to better tune and tap into all the possibilities of the digital world. After all sorts of conversations with colleagues (thanks especially to Archie for the chat last …

Going Deep


This blog is brought to you from the 2015 HECA conference in Cincinnati. No guarantees, I’ll strive for coherence, despite the near-delirium brought on by late-night basketball, timezone disorientation, and near-zero tolerance for Midwestern heat and humidity.

The planning committee …