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The Government Relations team was on it again earlier this month, but this time it was in D.C. Several members of WACAC, including our president, Jeff Morrow, were in the nation’s capital, talking to House Representatives and Senators about issues …

by Priscilla Vivio

The last several months have felt a bit like a roller coaster ride for a lot of us, particularly those of us who are involved in public service, or who work with marginalized populations, or who simply …

Provided by GRAC

The California November ballot is one of the longest in recent memory, filled with various initiatives dealing with issues as diverse as the death penalty and marijuana legalization.  There are four initiatives that particularly affect education.  So …

The WACAC Government Relations Advocacy Committee will continue to monitor political developments in the Western region and nationally as we approach the 2016 General Election. If you want to help to make a difference and improve educational access and equity

Presidential Pontifications


By Ed Devine

Second semester is in full swing!  As college freshmen are re-inserting themselves into their new communities, along with their seasoned friends from the Sophomore, Junior, and Senior class, we hope they find their connections and are turning …

Action Alert

GRC and Affiliate GRC Chairs,

This morning, President Obama signed into law the Every Student Succeeds Act (also known as the Elementary and Secondary Education ACT or ESEA).  The bill replaces No Child Left Behind, which technically expired in 2007 …

Action Alert

By Kris Zavoli

Although some US Senators are still pushing for stand-alone renewal, as of now, the Perkins Loan program is winding down with the possibility of being included in a comprehensive Higher Education Act reauthorization.  Here is a small …

Action Alert

By Kris Zavoli

The US House of Representatives passed H.R. 3594, the Higher Education Extension Act which would extend the Perkins Loan Program for one year.

Now, the Senate needs to act on the same bill.

Both Senator Boxer and …