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Helicopter Educators


By Amy Pimentel, Financial Aid Outreach Specialist

College of the Sequoias


There’s been much discussion around the role of helicopter parents and overparenting, but I see high school and postsecondary institutions doing a lot of handholding and doing whatever …

WACAC Community Comes Together


By Stacy Kadesh

Stacy Kadesh and Associates College Consulting

In November WACAC members came to the aid of Northern California students whose college application preparations were severely impacted by the wildfires. Numerous events were hosted by local high schools and

Grad School

As with most advanced degrees, it’s becoming more common that there is no set path to pursuing law school. An entering class to any Juris Doctor program is comprised of a myriad of students, some recent graduates, others with established …

Finding the Fit Logo

Leading up to the first week of November, my college counselor stayed after school with me to push me towards finishing application supplements.

The week before the first of November forced me into essay-writing overdrive. Honestly, I had only started …

Finding the Fit Logo

Finding the Fit: Cali Boy


Finding the Fit LogoHi friends. It’s me again, here to give you an update on my application process. First, I would like to discuss the careful balancing act of applying to schools while managing school work in the fall semester. On the one …

Finding the Fit Logo

Finding the Fit: Lizzie Bennett


In all my seventeen years, I knew January first as the start of a new year, but this year there is a whole new layer to that. Almost all my college applications are due on the first day of 2014 …

This may sound like the intro to a bad comedy bit, but what’s the deal with teenagers and procrastination?  As a reformed procrastinator myself, I get it.  It’s tough to juggle school demands, a social life, extracurricular activities, and maybe …

Twas the Night Before a Deadline


The holiday season is upon us, which means wearing sweaters, attending festive parties, watching cheesy holiday shows and movies, and, the best part, enjoying a winter break!  I know I am looking forward to some time away from school and …