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By Rosario Torres

By now you should have heard major FAFSA changes are coming your way Fall 2016 for the 2017-2018 academic year.  While these changes have raised legitimate questions as to how college administrators will treat the new FAFSA, …

Curated by Amy Hammer

As admission colleagues settle behind computer screens and review files for committee, we are provided a glimpse into lives of students across the world. We are given the opportunity to understand the challenges, triumphs, and tribulations …

Action Alert

By Kris Zavoli

The US House of Representatives passed H.R. 3594, the Higher Education Extension Act which would extend the Perkins Loan Program for one year.

Now, the Senate needs to act on the same bill.

Both Senator Boxer and …

Unpacking Online Higher Education


By Chris Tokuhama


“We must restore integrity to online learning and will not tolerate programs that fall short.”


This statement, issued as part of Hillary Clinton’s New College Compact, raised questions regarding the way in which online …

Presidential Pontifications


For high school seniors, the wait is over; admissions decisions are in hand. College admissions staff are now waiting to see who will accept their offers. Will that student whose essay was passed around the office and brightened our day …


My students’ stories are sometimes hard to hear. There is the pain in the voice of the student recounting that he is one of the hidden homeless and in the voice of the student recounting the impulsive bad decision that …

Finding the Fit Logo

Driving Into the Future


My Options
Now to explain how I have narrowed down my options I have to explain all of my options.

I was accepted to three schools: all Catholic, four-year institutions. Two of them are in-state and one is two states …

Support Pell Grants!


Since their inception, the Federal financial aid programs have helped millions of students realize their dream of attending college. None of these programs are more important than Pell grants. Unfortunately, not all members of Congress recognize their importance and some …

Washington DC

While the legislature in California is on its interim recess, here are some assorted updates from Washington D.C. and other states outside of California and Nevada.


It is almost a guarantee that the federal government will shut down at …