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WACAC Community Comes Together


By Stacy Kadesh

Stacy Kadesh and Associates College Consulting

In November WACAC members came to the aid of Northern California students whose college application preparations were severely impacted by the wildfires. Numerous events were hosted by local high schools and

By Kristine Shay, UNLV

I am thrilled to serve as the new Chairperson of the Nevada Interests Committee.

A little about myself….I have worked in college admissions for 27+ years for several types of institutions, most of which were …

By: Carlee Shults, Admission Counselor, University of Redlands

I currently have the exciting privilege of supervising our office’s four Senior Interviewers—stellar representatives of our community that were seasoned tour guides looking for more of a professional office role. They interact …

Transfer Sessions with A.J.


Hello, my name is A.J. Williams, and this is my initial foray into a WACAC blog aimed at speaking to the Transfer perspective at a four year institution. The goal is to be able to speak to the joys, challenges, …

Presidential Pontifications


By Ed Devine

“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.” – Nelson Mandela

May 1, the sacred day of our profession.  It marks what some think a finish line, an end point to a quest, the culmination …

Curated by Amy Hammer

As much as the admission cycle is seasonal, each year presents itself with new challenges along with rewarding experiences. It is difficult to predict what will happen next as people change jobs, responsibilities are added to …

The fifth and final installment in a series of posts dedicated to a deeper-than-usual dive into the college admissions process.

By Jenny Umhofer

Many pixels have been parsed over the subject of “the future of college admissions.”  These forward-looking conversations …

By Curtis Morisaki

The Journey

McCloud, California may not be a highly populated place but it’s the hometown of a higher education and social justice trailblazer. Valerie Bordeaux, Director of University Outreach and School Relations at California State University, Long …

Q & A with Amanda Hotinger with Neelam Savla interviewing on behalf of WACAC

Over the next few months, we hope you have the opportunity to meet the dedicated professionals who make up WACAC through out WACAC Member Spotlight Series.