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WACAC Community Comes Together


By Stacy Kadesh

Stacy Kadesh and Associates College Consulting

In November WACAC members came to the aid of Northern California students whose college application preparations were severely impacted by the wildfires. Numerous events were hosted by local high schools and

Transfer Sessions with A.J.


Hello, my name is A.J. Williams, and this is my initial foray into a WACAC blog aimed at speaking to the Transfer perspective at a four year institution. The goal is to be able to speak to the joys, challenges, …

Presidential Pontifications


By Ed Devine

“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.” – Nelson Mandela

May 1, the sacred day of our profession.  It marks what some think a finish line, an end point to a quest, the culmination …

WACAC is seeking members interested in applying to volunteer for one of four working groups, each will focus on a specific metric outlined by the leadership team. Read on to learn about these opportunities to for professional development and leadership!   

By Ed Devine

Are we “Turning the Tide?”  Creating lockers full of hope and fairness?  Testing for something new?  Or just putting lipstick on a pig?

Many enmeshed in the world of college admissions are rightly exclaiming “Our poor junior …

The third in a series of posts dedicated to a deeper-than-usual dive into the college admissions process.

By Jenny Umhofer

Getting into college is no laughing matter.  Except when it is.

In fact, humor abounds in college admissions circles.  The …

Indie Scene: Blue Ocean


Blue Ocean

I’m still glowing from the webinar I attended this morning. The presenter was Ed Devine, the current WACAC president, speaking about demonstrating interest—and more importantly, how teenagers who develop the faculties to demonstrate their interest are actually learning …

Deferred, Not Defeated


By Rebecca Joseph

I know it’s bittersweet to get deferred from your Early Decision or Early Action college! But you didn’t get rejected. They just want to look at you in the regular admission pool. Your chances of ultimately getting …

By Rebecca Joseph

Many high school seniors are busy writing college application essays. Through these essays, seniors can share unique stories that help admissions officers picture them on their campuses. Yet many applicants miss the mark. They think admissions officers …