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There may be money coming your way! ACT NOW and tell your legislators what to do!

The new federal budget signed last week includes a remarkable $700 million for the Student Support and Academic Enrichment Grant—an increase that nearly triples …

What is advocacy and why should we do it?

Just as we advocate for our students in our daily work lives, we need to publicly advocate for students to improve their readiness for college, access to college and ability to …

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The California November ballot is one of the longest in recent memory, filled with various initiatives dealing with issues as diverse as the death penalty and marijuana legalization.  There are four initiatives that particularly affect education.  So …

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GRC and Affiliate GRC Chairs,

This morning, President Obama signed into law the Every Student Succeeds Act (also known as the Elementary and Secondary Education ACT or ESEA).  The bill replaces No Child Left Behind, which technically expired in 2007 …

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By Kris Zavoli

Although some US Senators are still pushing for stand-alone renewal, as of now, the Perkins Loan program is winding down with the possibility of being included in a comprehensive Higher Education Act reauthorization.  Here is a small …

Action Alert

By Kris Zavoli

Perkins loan funding expired on September 30.  We urge you to contact your House representative in the US Congress. (Background Information is attached.)

  1. Here is the House directory.  (Both Senators Boxer and Feinstein support restoring the funding,
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Government Relations Update


I’m sure many you are aware of the July 7 UC Santa Cruz “accept/rescind” letters that went to many of this fall’s first year students.  There was great frustration and very little transparency about why this happened.  Considerable time was …

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As has been reported in the media, some colleges use the list of colleges that students supply on their FAFSA forms in an attempt to ascertain the students’ likelihood of attending the institution if accepted. Specifically, colleges make note of …

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WACAC Members:

This past summer at the National School Counselor Conference in Florida, Mrs. Obama stated a White House Initiative to support counselors!

The initiatives include:

  • The U.S. Secretary of Education released new guidance for school superintendents and principals to