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Honor a Mentor

One of the truly distinctive parts of our profession is the collegiality and mentoring that takes place not just within our own offices, but across the region, nation and world. Now that May 1 is behind us, I encourage you to take a moment and reflect on the people who have helped you get to where you are — whether that be into the profession, to your current position or simply past May 1st.

WACAC recognizes the value of these relationships and is bringing back our Honor A Mentor campaign. For $20, you can publicly recognize your mentor(s) while supporting the mission and programming of WACAC. Mentors will receive a personalized email showing your gratitude for their support in addition to recognition on our website and at our annual conference.


Janine Bissic
Breanne Boyle
Breanne Boyle
Kavin Buck
Nikki Chun
Jackie Cohn
Edward Devine
Kevin Dyerly
Todd Hicks
Adam Ingersoll
Martha Jones
Anita Katter
Teri Kuwahara
Kristine Lee
Ross Mankuta
Gabrielle McColgan
Steven Mercer
Jean Meyer
Phillip Moreno
Erica Mosca
Marilyn O’Toole
Arun Ponnusamy
Bruce Reed
Melanie Rome
Sonia Ryan
Ed Schoenberg
Samantha Schreiber
Marci Schwartz
Brianna Shepard
Donna Siegel
Lisa Sohmer
Fay Taragan
Julie Taylor-Vaz
Aviva Walls
Brad Ward
Dewey Wilmot


Shannon Crogan
Steven Mercer
Allison Lopour, Arun Ponnusamy
Ed Schoenberg
Jarrid J. Whitney, Matthew G. Ward
Nikki Chun, Sarah Miller, Sharon Burch
Terri Devine
Katy Murphy, Paul Driscoll
Peggy Hock, Dewey Wilmot
Patti Demoff, Ken Woods, Ann Rike, NaDean Krasnove, Paul Kanarek
Cyndi Niedorf-Chauner
Rebecca Threewitt
NaDean Krasnove
Amy Jarich, Ana Liza Zell
Mark Rasic
Susan Dean, Julie Ball
Linda Zimring, Esther Hugo
Katy Murphy, Peggy Hock
Andy Sison, Paul M. Driscoll
Judy Hoovler
Jenny Umhofer
Linda Conti
Jon Reider
Patricia Croner
Robin Kaer
Steve Hankins, Ned Tibby, Chris Zavoli, Les Medford, Dave Hansen
Michael Gulotta, Becky Chassin
Duffy Grant
Daniel Golden
Ed Schoenberg, Steven Mercer, Julia Varriale
Bruce Poch
Evelyn Alexander
Dr. Katherine Kendall
Sue DeRuyter, Jennifer Fondiller, Ross Mankuta
Lauren Cook
Katy Murphy, Dan Nannini, Minh-Ha Hoang