Honor a Mentor

One of the truly distinctive parts of our profession is the collegiality and mentoring that takes place not just within our own offices, but across the region, nation and world. Now that May 1 is behind us, I encourage you to take a moment and reflect on the people who have helped you get to where you are — whether that be into the profession, to your current position or simply past May 1st.

WACAC recognizes the value of these relationships and is bringing back our Honor A Mentor campaign. For $20, you can publicly recognize your mentor(s) while supporting the mission and programming of WACAC. Mentors will receive a personalized email showing your gratitude for their support in addition to recognition on our website and at our annual conference.

2019-2020 Honor A Mentor Donations


Jane Chen
Nancy Escobedo
Amy Steimach Frey

Michael Gulotta
Amy Hammer
Samantha Schreiber
Priscilla Grijalva
Priscilla Grijalva
Schaller DeSart
Phil Moreno
Shari Williams
Martha Jones
Tillie Gottlieb
Ellen Kolstee
Gina Wright
Ellen Gaddie
Esther Lopez


Tracy Bartholomew
Kristal Cummings
Elisabeth Sandberg

Lisa Rhone, Mark Rasic
Katy Murphy
Becky Chassin, Michael Gulotta
Don Yu and Mark LeNoir
Dan Reyes, Jaymee O’Rafferty, Robert & Patricia Grijalva and Michelle Obama
Linda Dannemiller
Lauren Cook
Cyndy McDonald
Cyndi Niendorf
Mark van Warmerdam
Barbara Simmons
Rick Diaz and Lisa Hanson
Amanda Hirko and Susan Monken
Janet Appel