Presentations & Handouts

SLC 2014 Presentations & Handouts

Share, Learn and Connect 2014 presentations and handouts are listed below (when available). The documents will remain public until Spring 2015, at which point they will be catalogued thematically under the Presentation Archives section of the website. The Presentation Archives are available to WACAC members only.

SLC Inland Empire

Friday, March 7, 2014
University of Redlands
8:30am – 2pm

Session 1
Talking WUE: We Understand and Explain
Harvard, Berkeley, or Bust

Session 2
First Generation Programs at Redlands

Session 3
Effective Counseling of the Student-Athlete
The College Board: Readiness, Access, and Success

SLC Northern California (Bay Area)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014
University of San Francisco
8:15am – 2:45pm

Opening Session
Community College Update
CSU Update
UC Update

Session 1
Effective Strategies in Counseling the Crowds
Financial Aid 101
Preparing for Engineering (part 1)
Preparing for Engineering (part 2)
Stealthy Might Not Be Healthy (presentation)
Stealthy Might Not Be Healthy (handout)
Changes in the SAT and ACT

Session 2
Focusing on Impact in Your CBO & High School Partnership
It Takes a Village: Building and Sustaining Partnerships with Admissions Officers
Be Creative: Ideas to Enhance Your College & Career Counseling Program
Creating Dynamic and Memorable Four Year Plans with Your Students

Session 3
What’s in Your Tool Box? Career Plan Checklist for Students (part 1)
What’s in Your Tool Box? Career Plan Checklist for Students (part 2)
Developing a College List
Social Networking at Its Role in College Admissions
Lessons Learned: Working with First Generation Students
Ethical Practices in College Counseling and Admissions
The California Community College (CCC) Transfer Path: Preparing for Transfer from CCC to 4-year
Working Effectively with Student Athletes

Session 4
The Art of the Application
Counseling International Students
Developing a Shared Agenda for College Going
Considering Out of State Institutions and WUE
The Road to Write: Helping Students with the College Essay
How to Help Families Figure Out Financial Aid Awards

SLC Los Angeles

Wednesday, March 19, 2014
California Lutheran University
8:30am – 2pm

Session 1
Helping Undocumented Students Find Their Paths into College
Test Prep Companies and College Counselors – How to Structure a Successful Partnership

Session 2
The Redesigned SAT
The College Board: Delivering Opportunity for Readiness, Access and Success
How to Set Up Case Studies at Your High School

Session 3
How to Transfer to Private Universities in California
Admission Case Studies: Early Decision Sample

SLC Orange County

Tuesday, March 25, 2014
Santiago Canyon College

We currently have no presentations or handouts from this event to provide.