College Admission Counselor Toolkit

Welcome to the WACAC Toolkit for College Admission Counselors! You’ll find information, sample forms, and other resources to help you with your institution’s recruitment, counseling, and application review effects. Scroll down to find documents related to the following categories:

  1. Admission 101
  2. Presentations
  3. Recruitment & Territory Management
  4. Application Review
  5. Special Programs
  6. Other Resources & Links

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1. Admission 101

This section contains basic information about the college admission profession. It includes a history of the profession, a listing of admission terms, and key documents.

Admission History Timeline
College Admission Terms
Counselor Competencies
NACAC Statement of Principles of Good Practice Key Points
The Freshman Admission Funnel

2. Presentations

This section offers presentations for us at high school college nights.

California Private Colleges
College Application Outline
College Presentation for Elementary or Middle School Children
College Visits
Financing Your Education

3. Recruitment & Territory Management

This section provides information, checklists, and tips for student recruitment and territory management.

College Fairs
College Fairs Summary
Tricky Questions

High School Visits
Researching and Planning School Visits
Scheduling High School Visits
Suggestions for High School Visits

Territory Management
Geomarkets Map 1
Geomarkets Map 2
The 10 Commandments for Building and Maintaining Counselor Relations

Travel General
How to Build a Travel Binder
Pre-Recruitment Travel Checklist
Sample Voicemail Messages
Travel Tips

4. Application Review

This section includes resources and advice for reviewing applications.

10 Admission Commandments
Advice to New Readers
ACT and SAT Concordance Tables
College Board’s AP College Enrollment Report
IB Diploma Programme – A Guide for Universities
Book Awards

5. Special Programs

This section offers help with building and maintaining special programs, including those for multicultural recruitment, alumni volunteers, and student ambassadors.

Putting Together An Alumni Volunteer Handbook
Alumni Volunteer College Fair Evaluation
How To Create A Student Interviewer Program
Multicultural and College Access Programs

6. Other Resources & Links

This section provides a list of important online documents and websites.