By Amanda Wallin

Cheers to the second entry of You Go Girl (or Boy)!

Here are this month’s tips for encouragement and connection!

We need you!
We all have our strengths and specialties. If we are lucky, we also know about the strengths of our colleagues. Is there someone in your office who is just excellent at dealing with the crazies? Or someone who rocks at sorting through data? At one point or another we’ve all had to lean on these people for advice or a quick check in. However, while on the road, we don’t see these people as frequently and we may now need their help more than ever.

Send someone an email or text about a situation recently where you could have really used their expertise. Let them know that their skills are valued and you could have certainly used their input. You can highlight why exactly they are a great team member because of the skills they bring to the table. It doesn’t have to be a big scene, it can be something tiny like…”I forgot how to use the coffee machine! I so wished you were there to help me, you always make the best coffee!” This lets them know they are missed and you appreciate what they can contribute.

Who doesn’t want to feel wanted, right? It’s nice to hear about how your strengths positively impact your office. Sometime soon, when you’re in a situation that you know someone else from your team would know just what to do, remind them that they are wanted and needed!

Be Funny
It’s getting to be prime travel season, we are really getting into the thick of it now. Times are rushed and stressful. Maybe your phone battery dies while you’re trying to look up directions, or you are living solely on caffeine and haven’t eaten real food in 24 hours? No judgement at all, we have all been on edge and really tired during this time of the year. In moments like this, I like to remind myself not to take myself too seriously. I like to have a good laugh.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and frantic, chances are your colleagues are too in whatever location they’re in. Take a second to send someone a funny Meme or picture that you think they would get a kick out of. This will make their day and hopefully give them a little perspective. A funny little picture can get them out of their current funk and give them the energy to finish the day off strong. My office at CLU always loves a good YouTube video to give us an afternoon pick-me-up. Try finding a funny video, I suggest something super random or mindless, and send to your colleagues so they can clear their brains even if just for a few minutes. Laughter really is the best cure for a rough day!

As an example, I’ve provided the picture at the top of this post, which I find to be hilarious! This kid has truly mastered the art of school picture day!

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