Our First Podcast!

We are super pumped to debut our first WACACast with Sam and Grant!  In our first podcast, we talk about recruitment tips and our individual approaches to planning and executing fall travel.  We encourage feedback in the comment section and hope you’ll tune in for future WACACasts to come.

You can click to stream or download it and listen with your podcast app of choice (I like Overcast but any will do)


Download this episode (right click and save)

Sidenote: You may notice that at times Grant is echoing.  While it may be cool to think that we are speaking through tin cans in neighboring tree houses, it is in fact due to Sam’s ignorance of how to properly record a podcast (this is my first) and will not be an issue in the future.  PSA: wear headphones with a microphone when recording podcasts on two different computers.

Here are the blogs Grant mentions in the podcast: TripIt Post and Evernote Post

By Sam Schreiber and Grant Cushman