With the conference fast approaching, I figure I would give a breakdown of exactly what the social media themes are for each day of the conference and how you can participate to make @WACAC a better community than it already is. Here is a brief synopsis:

Make sure you are tagging #WACAC2014 and are following @WACAC on Twitter and Facebook!

Monday June 9th
#TIL (Today I Learned)
Keeping the focus on professional development, the theme of the first day will be TIL (Today I Learned). We are encouraging conference attendees to tweet, facebook, and share what they’ve learned from their fellow colleagues’ presentations. Be sure to tag #TIL and #WACAC2014 so we can track the posts!

Ex. TIL about how to use twitter effectively from USC’s Senior Assistant Director, Sam Schreiber #WACAC2014

*We will be selecting several posts throughout the day to win Amazon Gift Cards*

Tuesday, June 10th
Making sure the longest day of the conference is also the most fun, the theme of Tuesday will be #SWAGAC. We will be posting pictures of conference locations and the first 5 people to show up at each venue will receive Amazon gift cards aka SWAG. We will be tweeting and facebooking locations throughout the day so there will be plenty of chances to win, but you have to follow us Twitter and Facebook @WACAC!

*Only one gift card per attendee, unless you wear a clever disguise like a moustache or something*

Wednesday, June 11th
#IMO (In My Opinion)
As we conclude our amazing three-day conference, we want our attendees to reflect on their favorite part of WACAC with #IMO (In My Opinion). You can follow it up with ‘IMO the best part of #WACAC2014 was’ or ‘IMO the most important thing we can do as academic professionals is.’ Use it however you like!

Ex. IMO the best part of #WACAC2014 was when Grant Cushman had a rap battle with Greg McCandless

*We will be selecting several posts throughout the day to win Amazon Gift Cards*

By Grant Cushman