WACAC Elections

The WACAC Governance and Nominations Committee is pleased to present the following nominees for the WACAC Executive Board!

All WACAC members will receive a ballot for WACAC President-Elect and WACAC Bylaw revisions, and those who are both WACAC and NACAC members will receive an additional ballot listing the NACAC Assembly Delegate candidates. As you prepare to vote, please note the following voter information:

Four of nineteen WACAC Assembly Delegate positions are available for the 2021-2022 year. WACAC’s members have affirmed that delegate representation and employment categories should correlate – as much as is feasible – with the broader WACAC membership. As the chart below indicates, there are opportunities through the four open positions to achieve more proportional representation. Please also note that of the continuing delegates, none currently represent the University of California system or California community colleges. Thank you for considering this information in your selection process.

Membership Delegates
Public High Schools 38% 33%
Private High Schools 15% 20%
Public 4-Year Colleges 12% 13%
Private 4-Year Colleges 13% 20%
Independent Educational Consultants 16% 6%
Community-Based Organizations 2% 7%
Community Colleges 1% 0%

The election runs from April 6-27, 2021. Thank you for voting!

Herbie Walker

Candidate for President-Elect

Herbie Walker
Director of College Counseling
Cristo Rey St. Viator

WACAC/NACAC/Other Committee Involvement
WACAC College Fairs Chair 2019-2021, Chair-Elect 2018
GRAC Committee, 2020-2021
WACAC Las Vegas College Fairs Site Chair, 2014 – 2021
NACAC Day on the Hill, 2020

Relevant Professional Organizations and Experience
WACAC Member, 2011 – Present
NACAC Member, 2011 – Present
IECA Member, 2016 – Present
HECA Member, 2019 – Present


I have experience managing teams in which individuals were tasked with unique roles to fulfill the larger mission of the institution. In my previous leadership roles, I have worked as an administrator on a K-12 school campus, managed million-dollar budgets, and was the lead to develop strong campus culture.

My time volunteering on the WACAC board gave me direct experience in observing the unique challenges that come from managing 2 large states with unique laws and needs. During my time as WACAC College Fairs Chair, I was able to increase profitability of our events and increase college participation and student attendance at the Las Vegas and Reno Sites. Keeping WACAC’s long term interest in mind, I was able to pivot our college fairs model to maintain profitability while minimizing risk to members and students.

Lastly, I was successful in planning and expanding WACAC’s reach to rural areas of California with the Central Coast fair. Due to Covid lockdowns, we were not able to hold it, but it would have been the first of several expansion events that would help us target underserved areas in our territory.

Goals as President-Elect

1. Work with college membership to better help them meet enrollment goals. Given that the pandemic has crippled many colleges’ budgets and ability to conduct outreach, it is our responsibility to help them maintain viability during these times.

2. Expand WACAC services to rural California & Nevada high schools that do not receive adequate professional development for counselors and college exposure to students and families.

3. Building an interactive resource library that is regularly updated and targeted by audience (college reps, counselors, students and parents).

Candidates for Assembly Delegate

Cuca Acosta

Cuca Acosta
Associate Director of Admissions
University of California, Santa Barbara


WACAC/NACAC/Other Committee Involvement
WACAC Member, 2005 – Present
NACAC Member, 2006 – Present
International ACAC, 2012 – Present

Relevant Professional Organizations and Experience
AB 540 Coalition of Santa Barbara Co-Chair, 2008 – Present
Adsum Foundation Board member, 2012 – Present

With 15 years of enrollment experience, Cuca has served as the Assistant Director for High School Services as well as Associate Director. A champion for access and equity, Cuca is a wonderful public speaker and very knowledgeable on University of California policies that drive national enrollment trends.

Nominated by: Jessica Greene, University of California, San Diego

Alejandra Bonilla

Alejandra Bonilla
Director of College Counseling
New Roads School


WACAC/NACAC/Other Committee Involvement
Share, Learn and Connect Conference Planning Committee, 2012 – 2019
WACAC Government Relations & Advocacy Committee and GRAC Participant, 2021

Relevant Professional Organizations and Experience
WACAC, 2006 – Present
NACAC, 2011 – Present
National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), 2016 – Present
People of Color Conference Attendee, 2016 and 2019


10 years, Director of College Counseling at both private and public charter schools. (High Tech High Media Arts, San Diego, 2011-2015) (New Roads School, Santa Monica, CA, 2016-Present)

8 years, Higher education experience: Student Affairs; Academic Affairs, College Admissions (UCLA 2003-2006; USC 2006-2011)

As the Director of College Counseling at a diverse, progressive, independent school, I continue to focus my work on developing equitable practices and guidance for my students. As a WACAC Assembly Delegate, I hope my experiences can help inform the priorities of our professional organization.

Claudia Carroll

Claudia Carroll
Santa Monica College


WACAC/NACAC/Other Committee Involvement
Share, Learn and Connect Conference, Presenter and Volunteer: 2020, 2019, 2013
WACAC Annual conference 2011
NACAC Annual Conference 2011
NACAC Greater Los Angeles College Fair, Co-Chair 2016-2019;
Planning Committee Member 2010 – 2016

Relevant Professional Organizations and Experience
WACAC Member, 2007 – Present
NACAC Member, 2008 – 2019
Counselor, Santa Monica College, 2010 – Present
Alumni Coordinator, Camino Nuevo Charter Academy, 2010 – 2012
College Counselor, PUC Charter Schools, 2007 – 2009
Admission Counselor, Loyola Marymount University, 2003 – 2007

I have spent almost 20 years in education working to help students go to college. Those years have been in a variety of professional settings, both public and private, high school and post-secondary, 2-year and 4-year institutions. Helping students navigate their way to, or back to college, has introduced me to an array of issues while working with students of all backgrounds, educational resources, and walks of life.

My experiences have allowed me to grow and learn in a myriad of ways, and I hope I can share that with the WACAC organization and its members.

Yancie Davis

Yancie Davis
Associate Director of College Counseling
Bentley School


WACAC/NACAC/Other Committee Involvement
ACCIS Black Affinity Group Coordinator
2016 NACAC GWI Conference Presenter

Relevant Professional Organizations and Experience
Associate Director of College Counseling, Bentley School, 2020 – Present
Associate Director of College Counseling, Crystal Springs Uplands, 2019 – 2020
Associate Director of Admission & Multicultural Recruitment, Macalester College, 2017 – 2019
Association of Black Admission and Financial Aid Officers of the Ivy League and Sister Schools (ABAFAOILSS), Member since 2015 (currently Associate Member)
Assistant Director of Admissions, Stanford University, 2014 – 2017
6 years of college access program management in Oakland, CA, 2008 – 2014

Over the past 10+ years, I have had an opportunity to see the full gamut of counseling and advising. I have worked on both sides of the desk, worked with students from public and independent high schools, worked with CBOs and outside organizations, and developed a quality network along the way. As a result, I believe that I can provide great perspective as a member of the WACAC Executive Board.

Jeana Kawamura

Jeana Kawamura
Independent Educational Consultant
Kawamura College Advisement, LLC


WACAC/NACAC/Other Committee Involvement
WACAC IEC Ad Hoc Committee, 2019 – Present
WACAC Government Relations, Attended NACAC Virtual Update – 2021;
GRAC Participant – 2020, 2016
WACAC Membership Committee Member
WACAC Annual Conference – Scholarship Chairperson

Relevant Professional Organizations and Experience
IECA Board Member, 2020 – 2023;
Government Relations 2019 – Current;
Community Chairman; Nominating Committee (elected)
NACAC Member: Volunteered at numerous National Conferences
HECA Member: Scholarship Committee
CEP – Certified Educational Planner: re-certified in 2020

As a member of WACAC since 2008, I have witnessed the ability for our members to transform lives. I would like to help WACAC reach its goals of access for all students with particular attention to affordability and Inclusion, Equity and Diversity. I am also currently a member of two government relations committees and help to review impending legislation with IECA. I am acutely aware that this is a pivotal moment in time. I think that I can help.

David Mills

David Mills
Assistant Director, California Recruitment
Arizona State University


WACAC/NACAC/Other Committee Involvement
WACAC Communications Committee Chair, 2019 – 2021
WACAC Communications Committee Chair-Elect, 2018 – 2019
WACAC Conference Planning Committee Member, 2017 – 2018
WACAC GRAC Committee Member, 2015 – 2016

Relevant Professional Organizations and Experience
WACAC Member, 2012 – Present
Voting NACAC Member, 2016 – Present
Regional Admission Counselors of California (RACC) Technology Chair, 2017 – 2020
Assistant Director, California Recruitment at Arizona State University, 2016 – Present
Southern California Regional Admission Counselor at Arizona State University, 2012 – 2016
Admission Counselor at University of Kansas, 2011 – 2012

My qualifications for the position of NACAC Assembly Delegate are founded on my 10 years of experience in higher education and my extensive professional involvement throughout the field during that time. During my 9 years of WACAC membership I have been fortunate to recruit students and travel extensively throughout both CA and NV, developing an understanding of the diverse educational needs in our states and building relationships with both high school and college admission counselors. From initially attending WACAC events to serving as the Communications Committee Chair, I have learned what our organization is capable of and the tremendous impact we have in supporting both our students and each other.

Throughout my committee involvement with WACAC, I have consistently demonstrated my work ethic and willingness to contribute to the needs of our organization. As I leave my position as Communications Chair, my hope is to continue my involvement with WACAC as an Assembly Delegate so that I can continue to contribute to WACAC across numerous committees on the Executive Board as needed and to represent our affiliate at the national level.

Jon Rice

Jonathan Rice
Associate Director for Transfer Initiatives
University of San Francisco


WACAC/NACAC/Other Committee Involvement
Share, Learn and Connect Conferences: Planning Committee Co-Chair and Presenter, 2019 Dominican University;
Planning Committee Member, 2020 Santa Clara University; 2021 Virtual Presenter
WACAC Government Relations and Action Committee, Communications Subcommittee and Steering Committee Member, 2020 – Present
Jesuit Excellence Tour Coordinator, Northern California 2017 – 2019
Mentee, Class of 2020 WACAC Leadership Development Institute

Relevant Professional Organizations and Experience
Attendee, 2014 College Board Summer Institute on College Admission & School Relations
Presenter, WACAC Conference 2016 at Loyola Marymount University
Attendee, 2017 GRAC Conference in Sacramento
Presenter, 2017 New Jersey ACAC Conference, “Going the Distance: Advising Students on College Far From Home”
Thought Leadership Panel: Non-Traditional Students and the Evolution of Higher Education, 2019 Slate Summit

With a heart for access and equity, Jon is committed to ensuring we serve and remember the unique needs of transfer students. With a shifting higher ed landscape, I think his experience with transfer students will provide necessary voice and advocacy for this population. Responsible and organized, he will be able to manage the demands of this position and his workload. He’s unafraid to speak up and promotes the importance of WACAC involvement on our team.

Nominated by: Ariana Pistorino, University of San Francisco

Lara Sandora

Lara Sandora
School Counselor
Menlo-Atherton High School


WACAC/NACAC/Other Committee Involvement
2012 Inaugural WACAC District Directions, Participant. Actively engaged with WACAC since 2012
Share, Learn and Connect Conferences: Presenter 2020 and 2021; Volunteer 2017, 2019.
Super-ACAC Conference 2019, Volunteer
WACAC Conference 2014, Volunteer

Relevant Professional Organizations and Experience
Member, Social Emotional Learning Task Force, Sequoia Union HSD, 2021 – Present
Chair, Menlo-Atherton College and Career Day Committee, 2012 – Present
Chair, Menlo-Atherton Shared Decision-Making Council, 2018 – 2020
Chair, Menlo-Atherton Bell Schedule Committee, 2018 – 2019
Member, Stanford Autism Center Parent Advisory Board, 2012 – Present
Student Member, Rice University Admissions Committee, 1997 – 1998

I have spent more than two decades in public high schools, working as both a teacher and school counselor. While 2020 marked a turning point for much of the world, it also marked my first experience parenting a high school student, further increasing my insight. I spent eleven years at Andrew Hill High School, in the East Side Union High School District. The school served a population that was more than 95% students of color and more than 80% Free and Reduced Lunch recipients, yet maintained many academy and magnet programs, including an IB program. I served as the school’s first IB-trained counselor, in addition to AP Coordinator, 504 coordinator and Head Counselor, with a caseload hovering around 500 total students.

For the past twelve years, I have been a school counselor at Menlo-Atherton High School, one of the most culturally and socio-economically schools in the Bay Area, if not the state. We serve students from Atherton and East Palo Alto with a diverse array of ever-changing programs designed to close the opportunity gap, promote and support student enrollment in advanced coursework, and to increase the college-going rate. I am fortunate to work with a team of eight school counselors and two college advisors to serve students with a ratio of around 350:1. Beginning my career as a Teach for America Corps member means that access and equity have always been at the forefront for me. About ten years ago, my younger son was diagnosed with autism, which has reinforced for me that we continually need to bring the experience of individuals with special needs front and center, and in doing so will better serve all students. As we emerge from the pandemic, I am eager to see a continued shift toward the flexibility and creativity we have seen flourish during the past year. And I’m excited to represent WACAC in that work.

I hope to work particularly in the areas of college access for individuals with special needs. Additionally, I hope to highlight member voices and perspectives through work on the WACAC blog.