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WACAC Election Ballot Guide

2020 WACAC Election Guide

To cast your vote for elected positions and Bylaw changes – use the link (subject line – Time to Vote) sent to all WACAC members on April 6, 2020. WACAC members who are also NACAC members were sent an additional email also sent on April 6 with a link to vote on Assembly Delegates. The voting deadline is May 18, 2020.

WACAC Elected Position Candidates & Proposed Bylaw Changes

Breanne Boyle

Single-Slate Candidate for WACAC President-Elect


College Counselor, Collegewise

WACAC and NACAC Involvement, Other Professional Organizations and Qualifications:

  • Member, WACAC: 2011-present
  • Member, NACAC: 2011-present
  • UC San Diego, College Counseling Certificate, 2012
  • College counselor at Collegewise: 2011-present
  • Achieved Collegewise Cum Laude distinction: 2014
  • NACAC Award for Excellence in Government Relations:
  • 2018 Development Committee Inaugural Member: 2012-2013
  • GRAC Committee Member: 2012-present
  • GRAC Chair-Elect: 2015-2016
  • GRAC Chair: 2016-2018, 2019-2020
  • IEC Ad Hoc Inaugural Member: 2018-2019

I have been on the WACAC board in several positions from 2015 to present, with a break from 2018-2019. Through my role with GRAC, I have been involved with the NACAC Advocacy Day in DC and have attended NACAC GRAC Affiliate events and meetings. I have presented at local WACAC SLC events annually since 2016 and have attended them since 2012.

Brief Qualifications for President-Elect

I am deeply committed to WACAC and its goals. I love serving the college counseling world in this way. Using my voice to reach members, legislators, students, and colleagues is something I am good at and enjoy. I also never stop learning and love to learn from others in my profession. I think serving on the board has been the biggest professional development opportunity I have ever had in my career. I have grown in my abilities to lead and listen as well as my achievements in my career through the opportunities with WACAC.

Three Goals You Wish to Accomplish

  • Provide more opportunities for public school counselors to be involved in the organization, hopefully offering more free resources or events.
  • Pull the membership together and bring down any veil we have as a board. I want to allow more access and transparency between leadership and members.
  • Streamline/Improve the technology and modes of communication we use as a board and organization.

Other Information

I very much look forward to working as a team member with other Presidents. I don’t have all the answers. I have ideas and hopes and motivation to serve WACAC to make it better for our members. I know there are others who have more experience and more answers than I do. I want to learn from them and bolster the offices of President-Elect/President/Past-President.

I also have more goals than the three above but it was hard to choose. I hope I can run those above through the filter of the other Presidents as well as brainstorm new ideas.

Cecilia Chavez

Single Candidate for WACAC Secretary


Counselor, Palomares Academy of Health Sciences, Pomona USD

WACAC and NACAC Involvement, Other Professional Organizations and Qualifications:

  • Since I discovered that WACAC was available to HS counselors, I became a member immediately – End of 2019, beginning of 2020
  • CASC committee member and annual plenary volunteer, from 2015 to present
  • Hispanic Scholarship Fund, HSF, Alumni and mentor to rising college juniors in fields of STEM and education, from 2018 to present
  • ASCA- American School Counselor mentor and volunteer, from 2015 to present

Brief Qualifications for Secretary

I started in counseling as a counselor at a 4-year university but then became a high school counselor. I am uniquely poised to give a voice to the HS counselor experience as its relevant to the HS to college transition and student needs.

Other Information

I have 5 years in the field of High School counseling, am equity and social justice focused and excited to be part of WACAC.


Denise Eliot

Single Candidate for WACAC Treasurer-Elect


Independent Educational Counselor, Eliot College Consulting

WACAC and NACAC Involvement, Other Professional Organizations and Qualifications:

  • WACAC Member 2009- present, conference volunteer LMU 2016

  • NACAC Member 2009 – present, conference volunteer Salt Lake City 2018 – registration volunteer

  • HECA Member 2010 – present, conference volunteer – Long Beach 2017

  • IECA – Associate Member 2011 – present, conference volunteer Scottsdale 2015

  • NCAG Member2015 – present

  • UCLA Certificate in College Counseling, With Distinction, 2009

  • Eliot College Consulting: Guiding students from a wide-range of economic and educational backgrounds through the college admissions process, 2009-present

Non-Profit Service

  • Founding Treasurer of Los Angeles Swim Club 2004-5, President 2005-09: set-up accounts, collected dues, paid coaches salaries, insurance and pool fees.
  • Treasurer Buckley School Parents Association 1996-98; School Fair Chair 2003: set-up QuickBooks; managed and accounted for funds over $500,000.

Other professional finance experience

  • Corporate finance, banking and real estate asset management

Relevant Education

University of Chicago, MBA finance, 1986

Brief Qualifications for Treasurer-Elect

As a member of WACAC for many years, I value WACAC’s mission and would like to volunteer and serve the community. Dewey Wilmot has described the duties and responsibilities of the Treasurer. Based upon my past experiences as treasurer for two different non-profit groups, as well as professional work in investment management, I am well prepared to be Treasurer for WACAC. I would love to continue Dewey’s valuable work streamlining and establishing sustainable protocols to keep WACAC financially healthy. If selected, I will be a good steward in helping oversee WACAC’s finances.

Other Information

In addition to working as an independent educational counselor, I volunteered as a mentor for College Match with Harley Frankel (2009-10) and with Andy Castillo at College Bound Today/ Schurr High School (2010-12).


Proposed Bylaw Changes

Item #1: Add Language Giving the Executive Board Authority to Amend the Bylaws in Extraordinary Circumstances


If Approved, the Following Amendment Would Take Effect Immediately. 


“Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the entire Executive Board, provided, that any such amendments are made in response to a government investigation, order, decree, or other action; pending or threatened litigation; or any other circumstance that presents an imminent threat to the continued viability of the Association, in the reasonable opinion of the Executive Board. The Board shall notify the members of any Bylaw amendments made by the Board within thirty (30) days after Board adoption of such amendments.”


This amendment mirrors the amendment approved by the NACAC Assembly at the 2019 Louisville Conference to ensure that the amendment process accounts for the rare occasions requiring time-sensitive Bylaw changes related to the legal, financial, or operational viability of WACAC.  WACAC’s inclusion in the recent NACAC Dept. of Justice investigation exemplifies of the need for this amendment. This amendment does not remove the 2/3 vote of the membership needed to approve Bylaw amendments in all normal circumstances.


Item #2: Change Language to Indicate WACAC’s Changed Role Regarding NACAC’s Code of Ethics and Professional Practices


If Approved, the Following Amendment Would Take Effect Immediately. 

Remove all Bylaw language related to enforcement or penalties for members who do not follow NACAC’s code of ethics or professional practices (related to the transition from high school to post-secondary education) while adding language emphasizing WACAC’s role of educating the membership and the public on those same ethics and professional practices.


These changes are mandated for NACAC’s affiliate organizations (including WACAC) by the US Department of Justice’s Consent Decree regarding its NACAC Investigation. If this amendment is not approved by the membership, WACAC would be out of compliance with the Consent Decree and would be at likely risk of receiving legal sanctions from the DOJ requiring resources that would threaten WACAC’s financial viability.


Item #3: Change the Permanent Composition of the WACAC Executive Committee By Replacing the Secretary and Development Committee Chair with the College Fair Committee Chair and IDEA Committee Chair


If approved, the change would take place immediately.

Change language regarding the Executive Committee’s permanent membership in order to replace the Secretary and Development Committee Chair with the College Fair Committee Chair and IDEA Committee Chair. Language within the Bylaws regarding necessary changes to the roles of the four impacted positions shall also be made.


After one year of operation, adjustments to the original committee make up need to be made to achieve the original goals of the Executive Committee.


#4: Move Responsibility for Passing the Annual Budget to the Executive Board  


If approved, the change would take effect immediately.

Move the responsibility to approve the annual budget from the voting membership to the Executive Board


Several other NACAC affiliates have moved to this budget approval model. It matches modern, membership-based non-profit practice where the group who approves the budget is the leadership group that has the legal exposure and fiduciary responsibility for the organization.  Note that (with this change) the membership will retain the responsibility of approving dues changes, Bylaw changes, and voting for elected positions.


Click here to view the candidates for the seven open positions for WACAC’s Assembly Delegates to NACAC.
Note that only WACAC members who are also NACAC members can vote for Assembly Delegates.