In my office things typically quiet down after midnight on November 30th when the submit button is pushed on UC, CSU, EA, and ED applications. This is one of the reasons I love December- after the frantic last minute questions are answered, the final essay edits are made, and the procrastinators push submit, there is a feeling of accomplishment. This is the time to reflect on the current senior class. Over the past several years; I have had the opportunity to be there as they set future goals and worked hard to achieve them, I have enjoyed seeing their excitement as they discovered areas of strength and majors that interest them, and I have watched them mature as they contemplated topics for their personal statements. While I know there will be drama and disappointment ahead for some, at this point in time, all options are possible. I know this sounds idyllic and a bit cheesy- but what the heck- it’s the holidays and I’m wearing my rose colored glasses.

Take a little time this holiday season to reflect on the joys of working with students at this important time in their lives.

By Shan Schumacher