Tell My Story

One of the most inspiring aspects of WACAC are the individual stories of our members. The backgrounds and histories they bring to their work,  the source they derive their passion and persistence from, are what gives our organization the energy to thrive. However, how much do your really know about the many friends and colleagues you have in WACAC. Every year, we draw out, to varying degrees, the passions and intentions of our students as they make application to college.  What about our colleagues? Can we learn learn more about each other and find inspiration in the back stories of our fellow WACACers?

We are asking WACAC members to step up and share their journey and their passion, as we pose to you, some of the big questions we ask our students. In the survey below are a series of “application-style” questions to help pull out your drive and commitment to what you do. Can we answer the questions we ask of our students?

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Consider this the StoryCorps and Ted Talk of WACAC. We will collect the stories over the year. Some will stay private, others we will ask you to consider sharing: on the web site, in blogs, via audio recordings, in newsletters and even at conference sessions.

Chose a prompt, answer a few or go for them all.