By Chris Helvajian

I’ve now reached the end of my conscripted service to the WACAC blog.

One last post to summarize our journey together through the magical land of stretching per diem. One last chance for me to impart what little wisdom I have. One last chance to hyperlink dated music videos.

I’ve enjoyed the many comments on my blog (two), the pressure of delivering new information to you battle-tested road warriors, and the occasional fear that I’m not funny (Just kidding. I know I’m hilarious, but you have to appear humble, you know?)

What can I share with you that I haven’t already covered in my previous four posts?

We set the stage with an opener about the fundamentals, had a second serving of knowledge to act as a palate cleanser before putting theory to practice on the road, and wrapped up with some lessons learned.

All in all I’d say we (and not the royal “we”) deserve a pat on the back. You’ve stuck it out on the road, stretched your per diem and hopefully ended up ahead.

Here’s where things get fun.

Talk to your colleagues. Compare what you spent with what they spent. Did you “win” in your office?  See what tips they have. Impart your new-found knowledge on others.

Most of my best moves (and any extra food) were stolen from my comrades.

As always, the goal of stretching your per diem is to make the most of what you have while still being healthy and following the rules.

I leave you with a parting haiku.

Per Diem
Allotted money.
Expensive meal. Do I dream?
No. McChicken, please.