Hello Nevada!!   This is my first ever blog.   Applause. Thank you.  The topic is everything Nevada as it relates to college admission counseling, from the high school to the college side.   If you are a Nevada WACAC member, I am inviting you to contribute to this blog series.   Any topic within the realm of college admissions is fair game.   I have been invited in the past to present at our state conference on the topic of college admissions and each time I found the members in the audience knew more and had more insightful contributions than I had to offer.   So I know from humbling experience that you are out there as an untapped resource and here is your opportunity to contribute in 15 minutes or less.

We have in our state 2 public universities, 1 state college, 1 private college and 4 community colleges — all of whom employ people to recruit and enroll students from high school or as transfers from other institutions of higher education.   I am talking to you folks – please take time to share your insights, questions or opinions.

We also have a state full of high school counselors who are desperately trying to keep abreast of their case load and at the same time know everything about college admission counseling.  I am positive this is an impossible task.   This blog series is a platform for us to share best practices, short cuts and cool free programs to help us with our jobs.   I know all of you are out there as well because I have met many of you at various workshops and conferences; it is quite inspirational to see the innovative ideas you have and the knowledge base.   Again I keep asking myself “How did I end up addressing the rest of the state?”   So I am talking to you, the “high school counselor,” to contribute to this blog series.

Independent College Counselors I haven’t forgotten you.    You are a huge resource that would be oh so helpful.  Independent counselors live and breathe the college search and admissions process.   Many of you worked in college admissions or in high schools so you have a unique perspective to share.  You are encouraged and invited to contribute to this all Nevada blog series.  Please share with us your expertise.

If you have a topic you would like to share with the rest of the college counselling community please email me at kswanson@washoeschools.net with your contributions.   If you don’t, you all are stuck reading what I have to write.

By Kati Swanson