With the great momentum generated from the conference in Indianapolis and with the added focus on transfer students,  we expect to shatter last year’s record-setting number of attendees at next year’s NACAC Conference.   Plus, hello, it’s SAN DIEGO!  The 2015 conference in San Diego has been on everyone’s calendar since the location was announced – years ago.  So imagine having a party for over 6,000 of your friends and family.  The role of the Hospitality Committee at the conference is to spread the “Hola Amigos” spirit everywhere – from greeting everyone when they arrive as they look for registration, to finding the wonderful conference sessions, to locating lost items, to suggesting where to experience the ‘local” flavor, to just making everyone feel welcomed.

So, if the smile on your face and the glint in your eye can brighten even the gloomiest days, then the Hospitality Committee is for you.  Sign up.  Show up. Smile.  Yep – it is that easy.  As the official GREETERS to the San Diego 2015 NACAC Conference, we will help set the tone for an amazing experience for all attendees.

To learn more about the Local Advisory Committee and the different committees on which you can volunteer, click here.

Hospitality Chairs,

Jasmin Taylor, Francis Parker School – jtaylor@francisparker.org
Rick Diaz, Southern Methodist University – rdiaz@smu.edu