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This position will assist with all aspects of the professional responsibilities of our office. General responsibilities will include: Evaluating and making decisions on admission applications, assisting with the development of admissions policies and procedures, managing and traveling in recruitment territories, counseling prospective students and families, planning and implementing special recruitment strategies, representing the University to high school counselors, alumni, and other external constituents, meeting with and offering presentations to campus visitors; conducting appropriate follow-up via phone, email, and written correspondence to prospects, applicants, and school counselors; and assisting with the processing of applications for admission for freshman and transfer applications; and executing other admissions responsibilities as assigned.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Evaluating/Making Admission & Scholarship Decision on Applications

  • Will participate in all aspects of the application review process which includes: calculating cumulative grade point average (GPA), analyzing the level of difficulty of courses taken by applicants, determining the level of competitiveness of school attended by applicants, and objectively quantifying applicants’ essay, letter of recommendation and extra-curricular activities.
  • Will also make admission decisions for applicants based on the applicants’ individual profile, the overall (and individual school’s) application pool and the applicants’ potential contribution to the campus, and the mission of the University.
    Admission counselors will also identify applicants who are eligible for merit and special scholarships and recommends or nominates based on understanding and analysis of the total applicant pool.
  • Will participate in committee decision-making and discussions.
    Assists Operations staff with processing and maintenance of applicant records with emphasis on completing applications and resolving applicant issues/concerns within their assigned territory.
    Admissions counselors will also communicate with families and school counselors throughout the process.

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