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As a member of the undergraduate admissions team, the Admission Projects & Events Coordinator will develop, plan, coordinate, and manage projects and events related to recruitment and admission. This position performs the following kinds of work:

Provides logistical, on-site, scheduling, and clerical assistance for all admission projects and events in supporting members of the counseling team who oversee specific projects/events

Manages the scheduling of Manchester Auditorium for all admission events including reservation requests from other departments on-campus

Maintains a proactive and strong collaborative partnership with all departments (Campus Scheduling, Catering, Facilities, Parking Services, Media Services, etc.) that are essential to the successful execution of events/projects

Maintains a positive work atmosphere by communicating professionally with both administrative and student staff and volunteers, as well as with prospective students and their families

Collects and disseminates evaluation and statistical CRM reports to support the effectiveness of admission events

Assists with management of daily and group tour registration process & assignments
Provides administrative support to the Admissions Management Team

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