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UCEazy College Admissions Made Eazy

About Us: UCEazy is a Silicon Valley based company, which provides college admissions counseling online to students all across the U.S. Our mission is to simplify the college admissions journey for students whose parents were born outside the U.S.

Our Services: At UCEazy we offer complete guidance that will help the child get into the school of their dreams. We offer three programs:

  1. Grade 8-10: Help in developing the whole child
  2. Grade 11-12: Help with the college applications process
  3. Transfers from Community Colleges

Summary of the Role: At this time, we are primarily looking for counselors for our 8-10th grader program. However, we also seek applicants who are well-versed in assisting students/families in preparing for college and completing applications in the last two years. So, we welcome your resume for either of our programs.

Because our counselors work from their home, this could be a terrific opportunity for current or retired applicants, who are seeking extra experience or income.  Also, since the client meetings are scheduled outside school hours, this part-time job can easily co-exist with your school job. This is a great opportunity to make a real difference in the college/career journey of a student from a first-generation immigrant family.

Desired Skills and Work Experiences:

We are looking for highly empathetic counselors that will patiently guide the student (and parents) in:

  1. Developing a whole child, and
  2. Making the right decisions that will help build a strong resume for college admissions

Here are some of the skills that are important to success in this role:

  1. Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  2. Be open to working with immigrant families from different ethnicities.
  3. Patience in working with families that have little to zero understanding of the middle school/high school/college admissions journey in the U.S.
  4. Ability to respond effectively to the needs of a diverse and demanding student and parent population. Our clients are typically upper middle class or affluent.
  5. Knowledge of the competitive nature of many middle/high schools in CA Bay Area.
  6. Agree to abide by the Statement of Principles of Good Practice

Desirable work experience:

  1. Experience in working with immigrant families as a private counselor or tutor, and/or
  2. At least 5 years experience as a counselor at a competitive public/private high school or university (admissions office).

If you are interested in the role, please email a resume or summary of your experiences to

To apply for this job please visit