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Under the general direction of the Director of Enrollment, the Assistant Director of Recruitment and Admissions carries out all recruitment, admissions, organization, coordination, external liaison and operation functions of the Admissions and Recruitment function in Graduate Business Programs. The Assistant Director of Recruitment and Admissions will plan, organize, coordinate and execute all aspects of recruitment and admissions. This includes:

  1. Assist the Director to implement all recruitment efforts by responding to daily inquirers about Graduate Business programs. Work professionally and in a timely manner with all prospective students from on-line, corporate relations and traditional inquiries. Develop long term working relationships with prospective students to increase the number of qualified applicants by engaging inquirers in meaningful conversation to gauge needs, interests and qualifications for specific programs. Communicate with prospects in form of email, phone, social media and face-to-face meetings.
  2. Develop and plan new on-line and social media recruiting strategies, including on-line open houses, social media and e-mail campaigns. Assist the Director in developing new on-line initiatives, assessing their effectiveness and building a sustainable long-term, on-line recruiting strategy. Support the Director in using the CRM database to support effective recruitment strategies, develop metrics to assess the effectiveness of different recruiting and advertising campaigns, make suggestions for changes in such campaigns based on an analysis of effectiveness and yield in recruiting. Provide planning and support in the automation of campaigns to the prospect pool in order to increase conversion of prospects to applicants. Coordinate collection of student contact data and assures integrity of the data in the database systems.
  3. Responsible for overseeing the mastering of the prospect management system to maximize the conversion of inquiries to applications through frequent and relevant communication, and to track overall marketing and recruiting progress through data.
  4. Assist the Director to plan, develop and support effective recruitment strategies to meet recruiting targets in all graduate business programs. Assist Director in developing and optimizing a recruiting calendar. Develop and plan new approaches and innovations to improve the recruiting efforts. Plan, manage, coordinate and execute all operational issues pertaining to recruitment and admissions with Marketing and Alumni Relations, Academic Services, Registrar’s Office, Financial Aid and Business Office.
  5. Assist in planning, managing and coordinating all SMC sponsored information session/open house events and graduate education fairs and corporate sponsored events to present/discuss the programs of Graduate Business and advance the recruitment process. Oversee the management of all recruitment contracts and venues for open houses and information sessions including liaison and coordination with all hotels, campuses, recruitment fairs and venues.
  6. Participate in, and provide support for, SEBA and College events including Graduate Business New Student Orientation, Graduate Business Student Advisory Board meetings, Commencement Ceremony and other student related events.

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