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Trinity, a comprehensive university in the nation’s capital, seeks a confident and savvy Vice President for Recruitment and Marketing to serve as the chief enrollment officer of the institution.  The vice president is responsible for planning and supervision of enrollment marketing, recruiting, admissions, and yield of students in Trinity’s historic women’s college, known as the College of Arts and Sciences, as well as Trinity’s professional programs in the coed School of Nursing and Health Professions, and School of Professional and Graduate Studies. Trinity offers a range of credentials including certificates, associate, baccalaureate and master’s degrees.  With a strong foundation in liberal arts, Trinity is increasingly known and respected for its programs in Nursing, STEM disciplines, Psychology, Global Affairs, Business, Education, Occupational Therapy, Health Services and Data Analytics, among other disciplines. Approaching its 125th Anniversary in 2022, Trinity serves a majority of students from the metropolitan Washington region.  Trinity is the only university in D.C., and one of a few across the country, that qualifies as both a predominantly Black and Hispanic-serving institution. Trinity is a Catholic university welcoming persons of all faith traditions.

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