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School Counselor – Full-time position for the upcoming school year

A Loyola Counselor manages a caseload of approximately 130 students, consisting of groups of students from each grade level. These students remain in the counselor’s caseload for all four years of high school. The counselor provides guidance and support as they navigate high school and explore, evaluate, and apply to a diverse group of colleges and universities.


Essential Functions


Duties & Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Responsible for a caseload of approximately 130 students from diverse ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds.
Provide generalized guidance and support services for students in small group and classroom settings as well as provide personal and individualized student guidance and counseling in one-on-one settings.
Balance support between the academic issues of time management or engaging with their teachers, and helping students navigate personal issues they may face with their friends, at home or in other non-school settings.
Make critical assessments and referrals, following up as necessary.
Consult with teachers, staff, parents, fellow counselors, and administration regarding the developmental needs of the students.
Foster an environment where collaboration, leadership, and teamwork is paramount.
Attend and participate in school-wide events and functions including, but are not limited to: liturgies, faculty & staff and department meetings, back to school nights and parent evenings, open house, proctoring, and student assemblies.
Incorporate technology whenever possible to streamline work and enhance service to students.
Responsible to create highly individualized letters of recommendation for each student in his or her student caseload.
Meet with college admissions representatives who visit the campus and facilitate meetings between college representatives and our students.

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